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Surfrider Applauds Yelp's Sustainability Efforts, Joins Earth Day Panel

On Thursday, April 21, Jennifer Savage, Senior Manager of Surfrider's Plastic Pollution Initiative, will join a panel of sustainability experts to celebrate Yelp’s new eco-friendly business options and discuss Surfrider’s efforts to reduce plastic pollution. Amy Sezak, Yelp’s SVP of Corporate Communications will host the conversation, which also includes Diana Cohen, Plastic Pollution Coalition CEO and Co-founder, Jackie Nuñez, Founder of The Last Plastic Straw and Samantha Sommer, Upstream’s Director of Business Innovation.  

This week, Yelp announced the addition of new searchable eco-friendly business attributes to its platform, including “EV charging station available,” “Plastic-free packaging,” “Provides reusable tableware,” “Bring your own container allowed” and “Compostable containers available.” In addition, existing relevant attributes, such as “Bike parking” and “Vegan,” will also be searchable and highlighted in Yelp search results and business pages.

The inclusion of such attributes reflects the increased consumer interest in sustainability and aligns with Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Restaurants program. Restaurants committed to cutting out wasteful single-use plastic offer a simple, straightforward framework to help owners and customers make sustainable choices for our ocean. 

To assist restaurant owners transition to a more ocean-friendly operation, Yelp has also created a new Sustainability Resource Hub that provides access to information and tools from environmental nonprofits, as well as features the stories of small businesses who have committed to going green. From Yelp: “This collection of resources provides tools to help businesses effectively communicate to consumers how they’re giving back to the environment, learn how to adopt more sustainable business practices, and get inspired by the efforts of other local businesses like theirs.”

The public is welcome to attend the virtual “Earth Day Expert Panel.” Register here – and express your support for those restaurants that have made the decision to go Ocean Friendly!