11 • 04 • 2019

Surfrider Joins the Outdoor Alliance in Pledging Support for Public Lands

By Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider urges our supporters to sign the #PublicLandsPledge in support of protecting our nation's public lands and waters.

The Surfrider Foundation was founded by a group of surfers over 35 years ago on the premise that people should protect the places they love. As surfers, paddlers, beachgoers and wildlife enthusiasts, we believe the recreational community has a critical stake in the future of our coasts and ocean. It’s this conviction that drives our efforts to protect the coastal places we love. It’s also why Surfrider is a member of the Outdoor Alliance, a coalition that unites the outdoor recreation community in advocating for our nation’s public lands and waters.

Sign the #PublicLandsPledge of the Outdoor Alliance 

Our nation’s public lands and waters are unique American treasures that represent one of our country’s best and most popular ideas. More than a hundred million people visit our nation’s coasts each year, supporting 2.3 million jobs and contributing more than $124 billion to our nation’s economy. These places are a source of joy – they allow us to reconnect with nature and strengthen bonds with family and friends - and they’re a huge part of what makes our communities healthy, enjoyable, and economically vibrant.

Despite that, our public lands and waters are under threat as never before. The policies of the Trump administration should strike fear in anyone who values the outdoors and our ability to enjoy it. Over the past three years, the Trump administration has proposed massive budget cuts to natural resource agencies, attacked our national monuments and marine sanctuaries, weakened protections for clean water, moved to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, and proposed new oil and gas drilling from coast to coast. 

That’s why Surfrider is proud to support the Outdoor Alliance’s vision for our nation’s public lands and waters. It’s an ambitious view of a country where trails run out every back door. Where you can swim in every lake, river and ocean. Where kids bike out of every driveway. Where rivers run free, mountaintops hold snow, and pristine seashores stretch indefinitely.

The #PublicLandsPledge is designed to elevate public lands, waters, and the environment - issues that a large majority of Americans care about - in America’s political discourse ahead of the 2020 elections. So sign the pledge today to stand up for the future of public lands and waters, for the belief that we can do better in protecting the places we love and building a world we’re excited to live in and explore.